dont steal my name or be a jahad same wa..wa jahad same baek same wa..wa baek same lu
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ʝαм иιɛ ƨɛиɢɛт мcм тʋαи ∂ʏɛ

ღ καмιɛʏ ∂ɛ ɢιɢʋяℓ ღ


. tnx for everything .

I love u more than words. I miss u fucking much. I need u in my life.

U are the bitch one that I found u at the dirty drain. I will fuck u as fast as I can. U

can brake my heart but u cant fight my words. U are the person that silly. I will fuck u

if u suck my heart. U are stupid person in the world. U can go wherever u want but

please remember that I will find u where ever u are accept in the brave because I was

afraid with monster. It will be name  GHOST. U are my sweetheart and u are my noty

boy. I will slapped u if u noty with the other gurl. If u want that gurl, please brake up

with me. I don’t want to see ur face in my eye. Sory if u don’t understand what I write.

I the only one that low in bahasa inggeris. Im very sorry ! if u love me, please save my

heart with the love and please don’t put my heart in your pocket of trousers because ur

leg was so smelly like kambeng. So please put my heart in ur heart. If I die, please keep

me in ur life but not keep me in touch n go ~

now ! awk da betol betol pergy dry idop saye ! tnx do me like dis !

u no what ? i VERY VERY VERY n VERY love u

i HATE myself because ta bole jage hubungan kite dgn baek

btw tnx slame nie epi an saye mcm mane awk epy an mkwe awk skang :)


♥ mekaseh ! law sudy komen n like uke ♥

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